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Choosing a finish
This information is given as guidance only and is based on opinion rather than hard fact. There are many aspects to be considered when deciding on which finish to specify, some of which are.
Appearance. Important in most applications and even where it is not, risk of degradation by corrosion should be avoided.
Situation within the building. Internal door, external door opening inwards or external door opening outwards.
Situation of the building. Coastal situations and high humidity, areas of high pollution can effect the finish and cause some types to break down.
Building function. Are the doors going to be washed down with cleaning agents for instance in a hospital or airport, swimming pools can create a very corrosive atmosphere.
Doors and Frames. Most timbers are acidic which can attack metals in contact with the wood or atmosphere conditioned by it, notably oak, chestnut and Douglas fir (ref: Building Research Establishment Digest Jan 86.)
Type of door. Are they fire doors, what hardware do I need to conform to the latest standards and regulations.
Use of building. The DDA act recommends that for the disabled, curtain materials and colours are used. The elderly and arthritic find curtain materials such as nylon easier to use at it reduces thermal shock.
Transport and site storage. Are the products being transported and stored in dry, cool conditions.

Finish Description
Bright zinc plate Suitable for internal applications. This finish is primarily a protective coating for steel.
Satin zinc plate Good appearance and more robust than BZP when lacquered.
Electro brass plate An economic brass appearance. Internal applications only.
Polished chrome plate An attractive decorative finish, offering good corrosion resistance.
Stainless steel grade 304 A popular, attractive and robust material, may be finished to match brass or painted.
Stainless steel grade 316 High specification material and finish, use where corrosive atmospheres are to be found (it is important to specify 316 grade in these conditions).
Epoxy powder coating Colourful and robust when applied correctly.
Polished brass Attractive decorative finish, although lacquered finishes will in time break down depending on use and location of building. PVD® is a stainless brass which has many of the benefits of stainless steel, only available at present in a limited number of styles.

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